About the writer

Hi, my name is Eric and this is my blog.

I used to describe this page by the tagline Sports, Politics, and Gambling, and most of the time that is what I’m talking about. Occasionally I write outside those margins, but I’ve largely moved past the stage of trying to romanticize the day-to-day struggle. There are only so many ways to tell the same story.

For now I’m a 27 year-old living in Southern California, and I make a living as a craps dealer at a casino in Rancho Mirage. Aside from that, when I’m not watching sports or reading up on the latest political news, I spend a lot of my time researching and speculating in the stock market. I know this all sounds riveting, but it’s my life.

You can make your own judgements about the content on this blog; I just like to write about things that interest me. Hopefully you can get something out of it along the way.