About The Writer/Blog

Writing is important to me, and I know this because I still do it even though I don’t get paid to. It’s a true labor of love. (In fact I pay $99 per year for my own domain on here, so I’m actually operating at a deficit!)

Over the last 10 years my blogging presentation has taken various forms. In the late 2000’s decade I had a Xanga page where I spewed mostly nonsense about how fucking important my life was. In the early 2010’s I spent a few years writing for a couple (unaffiliated) Texas Rangers blogs, which was sort of a reversion to my original dream heading into college: to be a sports columnist.

Since I moved to WordPress, about five years ago, I had the control to blend those two themes. If I felt like writing about my favorite sports teams, that’s what I did. If I felt like revisiting old nostalgia, I did that, too. Almost invariably I deal in long-form, which I imagine has to do with the fact that I’m not a good enough writer to get my points across using fewer words.

Over the last couple years, but more specifically the last six months, the issue of class war has turned into a major preoccupation of mine. It’s beginning to dominate every post I produce, no matter if I am talking about sports, or politics, or virtually anything else. I can’t take myself away from the idea that the rich are only getting more powerful, and the poor are only getting worse off; everything is about money, and all the time.

It took a solid decade of writing — as often as four or five articles a week, or as seldom as once or twice a month — before I realized that the struggle of labor vs. ownership is the only thing that genuinely piques my interest. In the smallest, most minute, chance that I ever in the future write for any amount of money, it would be as a union writer with a focus on worker issues. So I guess part of my labor of love is indeed a love of labor.

Other than that I am 28, I deal craps for a living, and I was born-and-raised (and live currently) in Southern California. Even though I’ve boxed myself in, being so clear about how I feel about everything — from science, to math, to religion, to politics, to every sport — I am big on free speech, and the idea that everyone else can feel however the hell they want about all those things as well.

I don’t write to try and change anybody. I just hope you get something out of it along the way.