Week 8 analysis, and World Series stuff

Jaguars (+16) over 49ERS

COWBOYS (+3) over Lions 

GIANTS (+5.5) over Eagles

Chiefs (-9) over BROWNS

Saints (-11) over BILLS

Patriots (-7) over DOLPHINS

JETS (+6) over Bengals

STEELERS (-3) over Raiders

Broncos (-12) over REDSKINS

FALCONS (+3) over Cardinals

PACKERS (-9) over Vikings

SEAHAWKS (-12.5) over Rams

– Of the 12 games I picked, only 5 selections were correct. That’s pretty pathetic.

– To my defense, though, I had no idea Jason Campbell still had something left in the tank; I had no idea the Seahawks were going to piss all over themselves (in victory) on Monday night, and holy shit was that awesome seeing Matthew Stafford lead the Lions 80 yards in the game’s final 56 seconds to give Detroit a win over the Cowboys. Anyway.

– The Giants are showing signs — particularly on defense — that they could make a serious run at the postseason, even in spite of their 0-6 start. After their Bye next week, they will face Oakland, Green Bay, Dallas, and Washington, so if they can somehow manage 3 victories, they’ll be a factor heading into the final 4 games of the season. It might only take 8 wins to take the NFC East.

– My favorite team, the Chiefs, have completed the first half of their schedule with a perfect 8-0 record, but if their week 8 matchup with the Browns proved anything, it’s that they are a very beatable team. The last two weeks they’ve allowed 16 and 17 points, respectively, and they’ve won both by a combined touchdown (with an extra point). Against two 3rd-string quarterbacks. If for some reason their thus far immaculate defense lays a real egg — let’s say by surrendering 25+ points in a contest — then Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles and their compendium of wide receivers you’ve never heard of are going to have a fuck of a time outscoring the opposition.

– Through 8 weeks, I’m sort of flummoxed that there isn’t one great team out there. Sure, there are teams like Kansas City and Seattle with truly great defenses, but they lack on the offensive end. The Broncos, the proverbial Super Bowl front runner, have the game’s best offense by a mile, but we all know what happens to great passing teams once the weather starts cooling off. It’s analogous to a great offense in baseball who lights up the scoreboard during the summer, but by the time the postseason begins the weather cools down and success is mostly generated by superior pitching.

– Speaking of baseball, the Red Sox currently own a 3-2 advantage in the World Series over the Cardinals. If you remember — which you wouldn’t, because you don’t follow me on Twitter — I picked the Red Sox to win in 6, so, for posterity, and my ego, I hope they finish the job in Game 6.


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