One More Dream

I haven’t any idea where I am. It could be a baseball field. It could be Sea World for all I know. And know, I don’t. There was some spectacle taking place, some show or some performance I’m unaware of; I showed up for the ending, at least as far as the dream goes. I’m sure I had been there for its entirety, but how am I supposed to know?

Surrounding me are random faces of people I don’t know. Everyone is getting up and leaving, so I follow suit and do the same. There’s a woman announcing names of the people apparently in attendance, for whatever reason, and I know one of them! It’s her. I look to my left and, sitting politely, there she is.

Usually when I see her in my dreams a fear comes over me. Like I’m trying to avoid her — or vice versa — by all means necessary. This was different. Once I saw her I went directly to her, and now she was getting up to leave. It’s as if she had a place to be. I try to convince her of something or another, I don’t know what I’m talking about, but she’s apprehensive at all my advances. She’s upset with me even in my dreams.

I call her “baby” a few times, because that’s what I do, and she doesn’t tell me to shut the fuck up so that’s a plus. One way or another the jacket I have on ends up around her shoulders, and she tells me she has to go. I really have to go this time. That’s fine, I concluded to myself. I’m playing with house money, after all. Oh! But my jacket! I ask for it back, and she declines. I’m going to hold onto this until-

Yes! Of course! I’ll get it back next time I see you.

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