Ben Margot/AP

The Rangers are 84-69!

Per FanGraphs, Texas are 93.8% favorites to win the AL West with 9 games left in the season, which isn’t too shabby for a team that started the season 8-16. The Rangers are 76-53 (.589) over their last 129 games, including 28-12 (.700) since losing 21-5 to the Yankees on July 28th, the night before Cole Hamels was acquired from the Phillies. (Of which, Texas has won in each of Hamel’s last 8 starts.)

I’ve been questioning myself the last couple years, mostly since my job has assumed a larger role in my life, about just how important sports are — or should be — to me. These silly games are merely entertainment, after all, and I spend hours and hours adding up to days each week either watching, writing about, or researching sports. It’s been my lifeblood since I was a little kid, though now I wonder just what I’ve lost out on in route to becoming Sports Knowledgeable.

In the end, I think I just come back because this is the shit I love. Aside from the time I spend working, this is what I’m good at. I joke to my best friend that I would drop everything Tomorrow if I was ever offered a scouting job that pays peanuts, just for the opportunity to do something I really, truly love. If I was an artist that would be a very romantic way of looking at the future. But I’m not an artist so I think accumulating as much capital as possible is the far more reasonable alternative.

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