Picking football games (against the spread) in review, volume ii

I recently wrote about 10 bets I would have made if I was (still) betting on football. This post is to take account of those picks.

1. Miami (-6.5) over Duke

Actual score: Miami 31, Duke 6

Outcome: Win

2. Virginia Tech (+7.5) over Clemson

Acrual score: Clemson 31, Virginia Tech 17

Outcome: Loss

3. Raiders (+3) over Broncos

Actual score: Broncos 16, Raiders 10

Outcome: Loss

4. Chiefs (-7) over Washington

Actual score: Chiefs 29, Washington 20

Outcome: Win

5. Colts/Seahawks over 41.5 points

Actual score: Seahawks 46, Colts 18 (64 total points)

Outcome: Win

6. 49ers/Cardinals under 44.5 points

Actual score: Cardinals 18, 49ers 15 (33 total points)

Outcome: Win

7. Jaguars (-3.5) over Jets

Actual score: Jets 23, Jaguars 20

Outcome: Loss

8. Jaguars/Jets over 38 points

Actual score: 23-20 (43 total points)

Outcome: Win

9. Vikings (-2) over Lions

Actual score: Lions 14, Vikings 7

Outcome: Loss

10. Lions/Vikings over 42.5 points

Actual score: 14-7 (21 total points)

Outcome: Loss

Overall record against the spread through two weeks: 11-9 (55%)

My MacBook took a shit on me, so this will be brief. After splitting the college picks, I went on ahead and split the NFL slate as well.

I was at a wedding during the Virginia Tech game, and it looks like I didn’t miss anything. My heart was really invested in a program win for the Hokies, but in the end my mind was right — which explains why I gave an avalanche of caveats when I made this pick. Clemson is the better football team, and it ain’t too close.

It’s now been four weeks and I still have no clue what is going on in the NFL. Even the Jets won a football game this weekend. And if it weren’t for a miraculous defensive touchdown as time expired, the Chiefs wouldn’t have covered the spread and I would have finished this week 4-6.

Picking against the spread is a fool’s game, but it’s not like the money line would have been any nicer to me. The vaunted Patriots lost at home to the Panthers, and the fucking Bills won on the road against the Falcons. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

Hopefully I can avoid dropping $1,500 on another computer, and hopefully I’ll be back with another set of picks for next weekend.

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