Here When Needed

I kick myself plenty for who I am and what I can’t help as far as that’s concerned. But the truth is I like myself a lot. So much that I’m probably a narcissist. Based on my blog, and how many words I generally choose to write, I imagine that’s obvious.

I do, however, have my moments. I was listening to a gambling podcast the other day and they framed it like this: All the bets you get right you expect to get right, like there could be no other way. And all the bets you get wrong, it’s more like a coin flip. Like they could have gone either way.

The Los Angeles Dodgers lost Game 5 of the NLDS to the Washington Nationals tonight. They were winning 3-1 as late as late as the 8th inning, so naturally it was a game they should have won. Given their lead, it was a game they probably should have won about 85% of the time, assuming you simulate it about a million times.

The moral to the story is that I work with a lot of Dodgers fans, and no doubt tomorrow we’ll be talking about it. Had the Dodgers ended up winning, I surely would have been the guy to say, “Well, duh, no shit the Dodgers won. Of course they were going to win.”

But since they didn’t, and since I have been on the losing end to many a sports game in my day, I’ll be the guy to say, “Well, it was a tough game. The Nationals are really good. It was basically a weighted coin flip, and LA happened to come out on the wrong end.”

None of this means anything, but I know for sure there will be plenty of people giving those Dodgers fans shit tomorrow. And maybe rightfully so. But it’s not in my nature to kick anyone while they’re down. It doesn’t matter if it’s something as important as life, or something as inconsequential as sports.

That’s probably my main contribution to humanity, the fact that I’m great to have around when things are going well and even better to have when the cards are against you. I’m the ultimate frontrunner to share in the good times, and the last line of defense to pick you up when things couldn’t be much worse.

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