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I don’t write much on here anymore, but if you are interested in reading my Texas Rangers-centric material, I’m over at One Strike Away now.

For now, this blog is sort of in limbo in the sense that I’m really not going to use it much anymore, and if I do it’s mostly going to be miscellaneous personal bullshit. Sorry for that.

It’s 3:37 am in California right now. I just got off work and my right hand has a purplish/bluish bruise on that little pouch beneath the thumb… I banged it on the roulette wheel tonight at work. My miscellaneous personal bullshit is so exciting! Right? I hope we’re all having fun here.

I want to say so many things right now. My mind is everywhere. Part of me is still living in the past, because there are some things I just can’t let go of, but the rest of me is full steam ahead all day every day. I’ve always had a problem appreciating the Now, irresponsibly focusing on the future (what isn’t) and the things I wish I could have changed (which I can’t), instead. It might sound kind of unhealthy, but I’ve been really happy lately, and it doesn’t particularly matter to me why that is.

When I was driving home tonight I had an epiphany session where the world made sense for a moment, but now that I’m here I don’t feel like sharing.


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